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Strategic Plan

We're planning for the future. Read below for a synopsis of the key components of our 2008-2012 Strategic Plan.

Our long-term vision

To eliminate hunger and its root causes ... because no one should be hungry.

Everyone should have ready access to an ample, nutritious, affordable and appropriate food supply through traditional, nonemergency channels.

Oregon Food Bank is a nonprofit, charitable organization that serves as the hub of a statewide network of more than 935 hunger-relief agencies throughout Oregon and Clark County, Wash. OFB recovers food from farms, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individuals and government sources. It then distributes that food to 20 regional food banks across Oregon, 16 of which are independent nonprofits. OFB directly operates the four regional food banks that, in turn, distribute food to more than 380 hunger-relief agencies in Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, Clark, Malheur, Harney and Tillamook counties. OFB also works to eliminate the root causes of hunger through advocacy and public education.


Strategic Goals

  • Over a five year period, increase from 55.8 to 64.2-million pounds the volume of safe and nutritious food available annually for distribution through the Oregon Food Bank Network to low-income people.
  • Increase food supplies and resources for low-income people to reduce hunger from 4.4 to 3.5 percent by 2013 in Oregon and southwest Washington by advocating for policies, programs and actions that address the root causes of hunger and thereby enable this target population to achieve food security and economic stability.
  • In collaboration with the OFB Network, annually strengthen the stability and capacity of regional food banks and local agencies to equitably distribute incrementally larger amounts of food, reaching 64.2 million pounds per year by 2013 to assist approximately 850,000 low-income people per year throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington.
  • Provide leadership in the development of OFB facilities, food repack and distribution systems in order to enhance the efficiency and equity of distribution throughout the OFB Network.

View our complete 2008-2012 Strategic Plan.