Real stories

  • I'm one of those ghost people

    “I was born dead. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my throat. They got me going again, but there was a lack of oxygen to my brain, so I have brain damage, a learning disability and a heart murmur on top of it.”

  • Kids have to come first

    “I don’t worry so much about me not eating. My kids have to come first. We’ll eat a piece of bread with mayonnaise because my kids ate all the dinner. Or the kids just get mayonnaise sandwiches for dinner, because that’s all I have.”

  • Four years without electricity or water

    “I skip meals every day because my SNAP benefits don’t last through the month. One hundred dollars is gone in no time. The food bank helps me get through.”

  • Kids who leave town don't want to come back

    “I think Burns always gets pushed aside. Government concentrates on bigger towns. They come here and have meetings, but it seems like nothing ever changes.”

  • I've always been able to pay my bills

    “After a while, you know your job application is going in the trash as soon as you walk out the door and you feel so defeated. I think my age has a lot to do with it.”

  • I'm used to helping people, not being helped

    “I’m grateful for the food from the food pantry. I couldn’t make it without it. The hardest thing for me is to ask for help, because I’m not what I once was. I’m used to helping people, not being helped.”

  • All four kids have special needs

    “My ex-husband and I, we try to do everything right. He is a disabled veteran and he can’t work, so I pack meals to send to his house, where the kids stay half the time.”

  • If you are a very poor senior

    “My husband’s mentally handicapped and he doesn’t get the concept of not being able to afford things, so I give up a lot of my food. We have gone without meals altogether, just a banana for the day for 49 cents a pound.”

  • I haven't been to a food pantry before this

    "My son is seven and a half years old and I've been a single parent for about seven of those years. I've tried to maintain self-sufficiency. It seems like the harder I try to stay afloat, the more I get knocked down."

  • I know hunger, and it's a real heartache

    “We were deserted by my father when I was 12 and we starved the whole summer. I try to feed everyone because I know hunger and it’s a real heartache to see it. All of us should write letters to our legislators stating our concerns about food. Nobody should be hungry.”

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