Take Action


In communities across Oregon, people say there is a growing stigma against those who do not earn enough to cover basic necessities, even if they are good, hard-working, generous people impacted by circumstances beyond their control.

In focus group after focus group, people said that people who have never personally experienced poverty should try to understand their experience better by budgeting like they do, eating like they do and living like they do, if only for a short time. One way to learn more about the experiences of Oregonians facing hunger is to try to eat a nutritious diet on a typical SNAP budget of $30 per person per week.

How you can help:

  • Shine a light on hunger and counteract myths about people in poverty by sharing these stories with your friends and family
  • Make a donation, organize a fundraiser, food drive or volunteer work party to support a food bank, food pantry or meal site in your area
  • Advocate for public policies and programs that prevent hunger, because eliminating hunger and its root causes requires strong public-private partnerships.

For more information about or assistance with any of the above activities, contact Sarah Flynn at sflynn@oregonfoodbank.org.